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Milne Project Management will keep your project running on an even keel.  You have the vision of where you want to go.  We have the tools to navigate the process from concept to completion, an unwavering commitment to our clients and passion for our work. 



There are several different stages in the life of a construction project.  With thorough planning, watertight procedures and a wealth of experience, we direct each stage so that the process is smooth sailing for all involved.

Envisage your destination

Tell us about your endeavour, what ambitions you have for this venture. Together we outline a broad picture of the undertaking ahead.

Gather your experts

We coordinate the finding and choosing of the key players that will join the team – the architect, the quantity surveyor, the engineers, the planner etc. This line-up will have the expertise to shape your vision and equip you with the know-how for the journey.

Chart your course

We meet with you and the consultants to develop your vision, identify challenges, plan the budget and establish a timeline for the project.

Plan your voyage

Time to work in detail on the design, to revise what isn’t working, to get the resource consent, building consent, defining the project to the point where it is ready to be tendered.

Pick your crew

We now go through the tender process to choose the construction company that will take on your building project.

Set sail

With everything in place, we embark upon the construction stage of the project.


Milne Project Management has a long history of successfully delivering projects and exceeding client expectations. 

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